Key events captured within the archive from 1861 to 2006

First lifeboat “The Friend” stationed in Selsey

Parish Church moved from Norton to Selsey

Set 43. View of the church at Norton looking east, before the removal of all except the chancel to Selsey High Street in 1866. From ‘Selsey Bill: Historic and Prehistoric’ by Edward Heron-Allen. Read More

Church at Church Norton - thumbnail image

Public Hall opened, now British Legion in High St

Selsey Tramway opened

Set 15. Chichester Terminus – the first departure on the 27 Aug 1897. Read More

Selsey Tram - thumbnail image

Queen Victoria/Diamond Jubilee

Selsey-on-Sea Golf Club founded

Set 72. View of new clubhouse in backhground and of people surrounding the green watching players on the final hole. Read More

Golf event - thumbnail image

Shell fired from ship lands in Selsey 5th Feb

Set 139. Postcard titled “Excavating Shell – bombardment of Selsey, February 5th, 1907”. There are seven men, at least 5 of them in sailor uniform with four men actually digging with spades. Read More

Bombardment of Selsey in 1907 - thumbnail image

Selsey Infant School opened

Mammoth bones discovered

Set 132. Two men with various articles on display – Henry Arnell-Smith on left and James Lawrence on right. These are the remains of a mammoth found in 1909. Read More

Mammoth find - thumbnail image

Floods: farmland, tram line, roads and gasworks

Pavilion opened, Selsey High Street

Set 8. Postcard of Selsey Cinema, Selsey Hall with bicycles leaning against wall. It was renamed the Pavilion in the early 1920’s. Picture also shows a sign saying “Selsby’s Garage Motors” to the left and an estate agent to the right. Read More

“Pavilion, Selsey” - thumbnail image

Seaplane lands near Selsey Beach Aug 1913

Set 218. Biplane, thought to be a Breguet Type IV or R.U1 aircraft, developed around 1911. It was used by the French Army and the Royal Flying Corp. The aircraft in this photo has floats, so maybe part of the Royal Naval Air Service? The RNAS had several Breguet types… Read More

Biplane - thumbnail image

Wooden lifeboat slipway completed

Set 15. Postcard showing launch of The Lucy Newbon on the new wooden slipway 1914. Read More

“Lifeboat Selsey” - thumbnail image

High Street scene, soldiers, horses, children

Set 154. High Street scene showing soldiers standing with horses, children and other people with ‘Neptune’ pub in background. Hampshire Garrison. Read More

WW1 - thumbnail image

Dedication of WW1 memorial cross

Set 219. Crowd including men in uniform and local people at the unveiling of Selsey War Memorial. Read More

Unveiling of War memorial - thumbnail image

Selsey Fire Brigade established

Set 4. Formal photograph of Selsey Fire Brigade. Read More

Fire Engine and Crew - thumbnail image

Selsey Tramway closed

Set Test 1. View of front of ‘Shefflex’ rail car in a siding at the Selsey Town engine shed, original terminus before East Beach extension, with a man walking towards the shed. Probably early 1930s shortly before it stopped running. Read More

Selsey tram - thumbnail image

King George V silver jubilee parade

Set 51. Children in costume on board a float commemorating the Silver Jubilee of King George V. Read More

King George V Silver Jubilee Parade float - thumbnail image

WW2 Selsey local defence

Set 22. Six soldiers (home guard?), four wearing tin helmets and two wearing forage caps: ‘John Coffin, Capt Hardy, ?, Edward Virgoe, Savi(t)sky, Doug Harmsworth’. Cropped from a larger photos. Read More

Six men in military uniform - thumbnail image

WW2 Canadian women/jeep

Set 34. 12 Canadian girls on two motorcycles and vehicle, with 3 uniformed servicemen and 1 uniformed servicewoman (in charge of the girls). Read More

Group of Canadian girls and trainers on motorbikes and open vehicle - thumbnail image

WW2 Queen Elizabeth (Q Mother) visits Selsey

Set 20. Queen meeting members of the WVS at the reception centre for evacuated children, behind East St school (opened 1938), with Lewis Road in the background. Read More

Queen Elizabeth (wife of George VI) visiting evacuees - thumbnail image

WW2 bombing of Selsey Golf Club

Set 148. Display board titled “A gift from the Luftwaffe to the Selsey Golf Club on 26th June 1941”. Details given in writing and aerial photo for location and size of crater made by a parachute mine. Read More

Bomb crater - thumbnail image

WW2 RAF Selsey Airfield construction

Construction of D-Day Mulberry Harbour sections, at sea wall, end of Drift Lane

Set 151. Heritage plaque for “Mulberry Harbour Project” being installed (East Beach Road/Drift Road). Read More

Heritage plaque - thumbnail image

VE Day

Set 79. A group photo of adults and children outside Selsey Town Hall, some wearing ‘crowns.’ It is part of celebrations for V.E. Day, 1945. Read More

Group Celebration - thumbnail image

Construction of west beach sea wall (1955-56)

Construction of east beach sea wall (1955-56)

Replacement lifeboat station, slipway & boathouse

Set 211. Aerial view showing lifeboat house on right. Large barn mid-left is possibly Fishshops Farm. James St in right foreground. Read More

East beach - thumbnail image

Marine Hotel burnt down 1961

Set 48. Marine Hotel, after it was painted white, showing the entrance, with a car parked in foreground. The Hotel was destroyed by fire on 29th November 1961. Read More

Marine Hotel - thumbnail image

Water Tower pulled down 1984

Great Storm 16/17th October 1987

Pontins Broadreeds demolished 1988/89

Ship ‘Platessa’ ran aground off Clayton Road

Set 85. Ship ‘Platessa’ tied up at bottom of garden belonging to Local Vet, Prof. Oliver Graham-Jones in Clayton Road after collision with sea wall. Read More

Ship called ‘Platessa’ tied up - thumbnail image


Set 32. BBC South Today outside broadcast van in front of Orchard Parade, East Beach with a glazing van and men repairing roof. January 1998. Read More

Tornado damage - thumbnail image

Fire at Sessions Cottage Aug 2006

Set 74. Front elevation of ‘Sessions House’ in the High street showing new thatch in 1999. The building was partially destroyed by fire in August 2006. Read More

‘Sessions House’, High Street - thumbnail image